Chris Duzynski’s photographic work is an impressive blend of creative talent, technical mastery and adaptability that he has put to work on shoot sites across North America. Based near Chicago and Milwaukee, Chris is equally adept at architectural imagery with intricate lighting as with shooting heavy construction equipment in the mountains of Canada. His Corporate/Industrial imagery has appeared in annual reports, magazines, newspapers, wall murals, catalogs, lobby graphics, trade show displays, executive portraits, case studies and more. 

Chris has more than three decades of experience with all types of settings and media: from tabletop displays, studio, industrial foundries and urban buildings to construction sites, aerial photography and B-roll video. His ability to meet and exceed the client’s needs is topped only by a sharp eye for more — resulting in truly memorable moments. 

Creative talent. Skill. Adaptability.


Location Assignment Opportunities:

I travel (usually drive) to locations around the Country.  Very competitive pricing & ultimately more flexible than booking connecting airlines; allowing me to link assignments as I travel.  Recently, I completed a productive assignment to Virginia, then to South Carolina, and back to Wisconsin. 3 locations; 5 days, 2,200 miles

For late 2023, I do plan to travel the eastern half of the US, shooting primarily for a memory care facility designer. I’ll be driving again, making myself the most flexible for other opportunities and shared travel expenses with my clients. The greater number of bookings in a general area, the lower the per-project cost for my clients'.

Your continued interest and any opportunity will be addressed in a timely manner!

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